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Destiny and Friends Children's Book
Help Destiny find the missing colors!!

        Destiny and Friends available titles:



1. Meet Destiny: ISBN 978-0-9834211-0-8         


Meet Destiny is the original, unnamed manuscript. It includes a cast of characters, trivia questions, and lots of coloring pages. This book is ideal for beginner readers or those who are not familiar with Destiny and Friends.


2. Night of the Cougar: ISBN 978-0-9834211-3-9


Night of the Cougar is based on a true story. In this book a Cougar visits Destiny's barn during the night. She struggled with her fear and controlling her emotions, while Daddy handles the uninvited stranger.



3. Della: ISBN 978-0-9834211-2-2


Della is also based on a true story. In this book, Destiny struggles with her attitude. She is reminded that her mother is a great lady horse who would be dissapointed by Destiny's naughty behavior.



4. Henry: ISBN 978-0-9834211-4-6


Henry is a true story about a rescue horse that came to Destiny's barn. He explains what happened and described events that made him hungry and homeless.



5. Jacob's Big Adventure: 978-0-9834211-5-3


After popular demand Jacob has his own story. Once again, we have a book that is based on a true story. In this book, Jacob hides in the trailer and goes to a horse show. He scurries around the show grounds and gets Destiny in lots of trouble.




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