Home-Port Stables
2526 Campbell Rd.
Keswick, VA. 22947

                        2019 Camp Schedule:
April 1 - 5th Spring break camp
June 17 - 22nd Summer Camp I
July 22 - 27th Summer Camp II
August 19 - 24th Summer Camp III
Program includes: Fundamentals of riding. Veterinary care, supplies and equine health management. Stable Management. Tack types, uses, and maintenance.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the upcoming birth of a Hungarian Cloverhorse foal. The foal is due mid-April. We are adding breeding management to curriculum for Spring Break camp which includes: temperature monitoring, foaling vet kit, and stable preparation.  

We also have a sassy white pony that we have painting parties with. Last year he was a purple and pink unicorn. Each camp we let kids choose color and theme for their pony painting party.

Hours are 9am - 5pm. We offer flexible drop-off and pick up Hours. Parents are encouraged to pack copious snacks. We cook lunch over campfire but the days are long and snacks come in handy. 

During summer camp we have an overnight sleepover from Friday to Saturday. We hoist a 20ft cinema screen in outdoor arena. Kids are permitted to bring air mattress and "glamp" in arena.

Cost of the program is 250.00 per week. 
If you have additional information please contact Nicole Robey 434.987.0510