Home-Port Stables
2526 Campbell Rd.
Keswick, VA. 22947

2019 Camp Schedule:

April 1 - 5th 
June 10 - 17th
July 22 - 27th
August 19 - 24th 

*additional dates may be added. Call or Text 434.987.0510 for more info. 

              Home-Port Stables Services:

Riding lessons: 50.00 1 hour private.
     40.00 1 hour semi-private
     35.00 1 hour group lesson 3 or more.

After-School Program: Fluvanna and Louisa County
Our after school program has been approved by Fluvanna School Board and is currently under review by Louisa. Our program offers bus-stop drop off, home-work assistance, academic support and horses of course. Participants in the program have shown improvements in grades, focus, comprehension and motivation.

After-School Program starts at 75.00 per week.

Horsemanship Camps: Everything you expect from a Horsemanship Camp and so much more. We offer classical riding instruction. Excellent veterinary and stable management program. Pony painting. Relaxed fun with friends. Mounted games. Camp fire. Sleepover with Riding Arena Outdoor Cinema and after-camp fun show. We continue offering these programs for 250.00 per week.   

Horse training: 50.00 per session. Specialty includes teaching horse to seek a "frame" without draw reins, side reins, or other bearing rein devices. Suppling stiff horses. Lengthening topline, stride and teaching the coveted, "long and low" circle. We also specialize in spooky horses and teaching horses to look with both eyes, as well as, correcting jumping problems. 
Horse fitness riding 40.00 per session

Catch Riding in flat classes or over fences: 50.00 per ride.

Horse training combined with riding lesson: Offered in 1.5 hour private lesson only. Highly focused session where Trainer rides student horse, corrects issues, then teaches student how to maintain correction. 75.00 

Hauling: 1.00 per mile.

Show Coaching 25.00 for the day.

      Riding School Horses:

We take great pride in our lesson horses. They are well trained, well cared for members of the family. They are sound, healthy and excellent teachers.  We currently have six horses available for lessons. Their names and descriptions are below. We ask that our horses are respected at all times. They should be groomed before riding and never left with a saddle mark. A proper horseman never rides a muddy horse or leaves him sweaty and uncared for. 

Dobbie: 13.3 Grey POA gelding. He is used for children's and small adults usually on lunge-line for beginners. Teaches student how to keep a horse straight and to not allow them to counter-bend. 

Magyar Daisy: 14.3 Bay hungarian/dutch warmblood cross 10 years old. Daisy is a lovely mare. She has 3 smooth gaits and teaches riders to ride light, with soft hands. 

Magyar Chilly-Belle 15.2 Hungarian mare. Chilly has been used extensively in therapeutic riding and teaching mentally challenged students. She is patient, kind and safe. She teaches student to trust and be confident. She also has three smooth gaits and will teach riders how to ride soft. 

Henry: 16.2 bay thoroughbred gelding. Henry is the ideal horse as he has extensive dressage training, consistent gaits, lovely over fences, and bold cross country. He teaches rhythm, balance,and consistency. He is a prelim event horse and the anchor of the HPS team.  

Riven: 17.1 Appendix gelding he has giant gaits and can easily unseat a weak rider. As such he is best at teaching riders to stay tall and lengthen reins. He has three big but steady gaits and a patient disposition.

Murphalurfur: 17.2 Draft thoroughbred cross. He's big, powerful, and not a beginners horse. He teaches riders to commit and go. He has a huge cantering stride and bold disposition. Fun ride for someone who has solid foundation and bold temperament.